Film Review – Awake

Film Review – Awake

In Awake, a rich NY kid has a bad heart and undergoes a heart transplant. However, when they give him the general anesthesia, he doesn’t actually go under. His vital signs all read as if he’s unconscious, but he hears and feels everything the doctor is doing. To keep his mind off of the procedures and pain, he focuses his attention on his new wife, but his thoughts drift wildly the whole time.

Turns out his surgeon is in some sort of plot to kill the kid because he’s rich. Oh wait, his brand new wife, Jessica Alba (whom we do NOT get to see naked), is in on it too. But they kill him on the table by saying his heart was rejected (by the way, this part of the movie is super graphic – just a warning). He’s still on the breathing machine, so he’s technically alive when another surgeon shows up and steals the heart from the rich kid’s mom, in a super unexpected turn of events.

The film is an interesting concept, but is not exciting by any stretch. I could have lived without seeing this one. They really could have made this one a bit more suspenseful.

(1 out of 5 fus)

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