Film Review – Executive Koala

Film Review – Executive Koala

Executive Koala is a really bad Japanese film about a Koala (or a guy in a koala suit) that works at a large company. Koala boy puts in crazy hours for his boss (who is a rabbit – that coincidentally sounds like a Japanese Bugs Bunny). Apparently, the Japanese love their furries.

Anyhow, Koala’s girlfriend shows up brutally murdered and the police think he did it. It’s also suspicious that his ex-wife has been missing for three years and they think he’s responsible for that as well. The police bring him in for questioning and there’s an article about him in the paper. People at his office freak out when he shows up for work, but his boss welcomes him back with open arms and suggests he puts in extra hours at the office.

Koala has a big client coming from Korea and takes him out on the town. This client has brought his pet flying squirrel into the country with him in a bag. Yeah, a flying squirrel. The squirrel takes a liking to Koala. Then there’s a Korean martial arts scene with hilarious shots of food in the background. Mr. Kim from Korea pens the deal with Koala and then later that night, drops the bombshell on Koala that he was his girlfriend’s previous lover. Apparently, she wrote him and feared that Koala would somehow hurt her. Mr. Kim showed up to size up the Koala. Apparently, Koala has a nasty track record of violence that he’s suppressed from his memories. Now he’s on a killing spree (apparently when a Koala’s eyes glow red, get the hell out of their way – good rule to live by). Then there’s a crazy weird singing part in a court scene. This all leads to a crazy surprise ending plot twist.

While this movie is one of the weirdest films I’ve seen, it’s certainly not the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Yes, there are a bunch of ridiculous costumes and really stupid dialogue, but the plot is more believable than some Japanese films. The film is supposed to be a follow-up to Kalamari Wrestler, but other than the same director shooting it, I don’t think there are any similarities. This is leaps and bounds more entertaining than Kalamari Wrestler.

(2 out of 5 fus)

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