Film Review – Sherlock Holmes

Film Review – Sherlock Holmes

Despite some confusion surrounding the name of this film, it is not about a certain adult film star’s younger lesser talented brother. It’s about Sherlock Holmes, the world greatest detective and his sidekick, Dr. Watson. They solve a variety of crimes thanks to the amazing gift of combining minute pieces of information/evidence together into a story. This film iteration of the literary series stars Robert Downey Jr. playing Holmes and Jude Law playing Watson.

Holmes and Watson capture an occult-dabbling big-shot named Blackwood. After Blackwood is executed, a groundskeeper claims to have seen him rise from the dead. Blackwood’s reputation with the occult has people flipped out when he keeps popping up. Blackwood tries to take control over parliament by rigging up some sort of chemical weapon and trying to pass it off as an occult weapon. Holmes and Watson systematically debunk all of Blackwood’s occult shenanigans and eventually kill Blackwood.

It’s a fast-paced murder mystery and only a handful of obvious CGI (one of which was so outlandish I couldn’t believe they left it in the film). Otherwise, it was mostly green screen stuff in the background, which I can generally deal with. The film ends with an obvious set-up for a sequel as Holmes and Watson received what will lead to their next case. The film was well-acted and of course Robert Downey Jr. is hot and shirtless in a couple scenes. Watson doesn’t play a bumbling sidekick, he plays a very competent and hilarious partner in mystery-solving. It’s not an amazing film, but it was pretty good.

blankblankblankblank (4 out of 5 fus)

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