Film Review – Shut Up & Shoot Me

Film Review – Shut Up & Shoot Me

This is a Polish film that starts with a guy who appears to be a butcher, a mailman, a pooper scooper, and a bartender – I think this is the comedy part (Oh, those crazy Pollacks!!!). The real plot is actually about a British couple spending time in Prague and worrying over whether he turned off the iron in their room before they left. A statue falls from a building while they are walking and crushes the wife – seriously, DESTROYS her.

As he’s in his flat later, he tries to electrocute himself with said iron after that, and it doesn’t go well. The guy from the beginning of the film shows up to drive him to the morgue as he’s crawling out of the bathtub. He receives an urn full of his wife’s ashes and he’s a bit mentally frazzled. The husband is still suicidal and wants to hire the guy from the beginning of the film to kill him. They go to a secluded field and the husband tries to pay the guy with a credit card – yes, to kill him. The driver takes him to an artillery field and sits him in the middle of it. There are shells exploding all around and none of them kill the husband. So the husband has to hitchhike to a hotel.

The husband tracks down the beginning guy and asks him to finish the job – so the beginning guy talks the husband into jumping off the roof of the apartment building. The husband won’t jump, so he ends up sleeping on the couch at the beginning guy’s flat. The beginning guy’s plan is to have other people kill the husband and they get into all kinds of ridiculous situations in which the husband still ends up not dying. They accidentally kill a mobster’s girlfriend in a parking garage and through the surveillance tape, the mobster finds out who these guys are. The two guys try to dispose of the mobster’s girlfriend and aren’t having any luck with that. A couple of other people end up dead as well.

The film almost became one of those “buddy movies” where zany things happen, only this is more depressing – so maybe it’s more hilarious at the same time. This film amused me, but it wasn’t one I’d rave about. Surprisingly, this film had about 413 times more plot than most foreign films. Go Poland! I did chuckle a couple of times at how ridiculous it was, so maybe it is worth a look.

(3 out of 5 fus)

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