Film Review – Thankskilling

Film Review – Thankskilling

This movie starts out in the “olden times” (literally, the screen says this) with a topless pilgrim running through the woods with a carnivorous turkey chasing her. Turkey comments on her “attributes” and then kills her. The turkey was cursed/possessed when a Native American was angry that the white man had begun to take over, so he vowed to kill at the white people he found – through the use of a killer turkey. Flash forward to modern days where there’s a bunch of college students heading home for thanksgiving break. Then out of nowhere (I’ll warn you in advance since my friends HATE these kinds of surprises), a dog gets killed. You guessed it – Evil Turkey comes back to life.

The college kids have a breakdown on the road and end up having to camp in the same town where this horrific first thanksgiving killing happened. And it also happens to be the anniversary of the first Thankskilling. The kids make it home alive to their respective families, but the turkey has begun its killing spree. That’s not all this evil turkey does – let’s just say he uses gravy flavored condoms. Hahaha. The college kids eventually get stuck in one of their houses with the turkey and have to find out a way to kill it.

This film is pretty awful, even for an independent horror film. The acting is atrocious and probably a bunch of friends getting together and winging it – pin intended. It’s clearly some film students having fun with buckets of blood and newly learned special effects skills. I won’t even comment on the chuckle-worthy-but-terrible sparely-used CGI (thank you for that, director Jordan Downey). It isn’t intended to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s still so far from good, it’s almost painful. That being said, I’ll probably show this during my poultry-themed bad movie night around Thanksgiving. We love a good theme night!

(2 out of 5 fus)

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