Movie Review – Carmen

Film Review – Carmen



Director/choreographer Benjamin Millepied’s Carmen (2022) is not so much an adjustment of the popular unique/opera, however a total re-imagining that utilizes the source product as a foundation. The outcome is an intoxicating and lively sensory experience. Some audiences might be turned off by its poeticism (some may explain it as a “Tone Poem”). But for those looking for something various – something that doesn’t adhere to standard storytelling conventions – then this may be precisely what they are looking for. Sometimes, the movie meanders – as though the narrative were operating as efficiency art without clear instructions. But the acting, music, dancing, and production style are so reliable that it was simple to sink into the dreamscape of it all.

Millepied’s instructions (along with Alexander Dinelaris and Loïc Barrere’s composing) reconfigures the Carmen story as a love along the U.S./Mexico border. Elements of musicals and dance productions are integrated with a twist. There’s a mix of classical and progressive designs. During an underground, bare-knuckle battle scene, the contenders – as well as the viewers – relocation and bounce around a darkened space. The syncopation of bodies plainly makes this a dance number. The addition of artist The D.O.C.’s rap lyrics develops a odd hybrid. It’s as though truth and dream has blended into one, where characters can break out into tune or dance at any offered minute. The 4th wall is damaged on anumberof celebrations, with entertainers looking straight into the videocamera as though they were dealingwith the audience straight.


The outcome is a hypnotic, lyrical world. Millepied makes no effort to identify inbetween what is occurring in truth or dream. In this universe, the 2 are one and the verysame. Jörg Widmer’s cinematography supplies stunning images, loaning greatly from the work of Terrence Malick. The extensive plains and deserts of the Southwest feel otherworldly. Characters are positioned in shape, with the hills and mountain varies watching them in the background. At night, environments cast a sense of upcoming doom, where risk can be hiding around any corner. The instructions will downshift into sluggish movement, permitting us to invest more time in these locations simply to take in all the sights and sounds. An daily location – like a carnival – will take on an environment of the unidentified. Millepied and his group have a flair for taking the familiar and making them feel unknown.

At the center is the love inbetween Carmen (Melissa Barrera) and Aidan (Paul Mescal). Both are running away from their pasts. For Carmen, she has unlawfully crossed the border into the U.S. in hopes of making it to Los Angeles. A individual catastrophe hasactually made it no longer practical to stay at house in Mexico. Aidan is an ex-Marine suffering from PTSD. His time in the service has left him aimless, with absolutelynothing however his memory to keep him business. The 2 discover a kindred spirit with one another, as Aidan assists Carmen make her method north. The progressing relationship inbetween them is hot and caring, born from experience and loss. They produce a kind of Bonnie and Clyde (1967) vibrant. They are not just on the run from outside forces chasing them, however to discover their function in an significantly disorderly world.

Barrera and Mescal are 2 stars rapidly increasing into fame. Barrera taps into the musical and dance abilities she used in In the Heights (2021) however includes a level of melancholy to her efficiency. Carmen brings the image of her mom (routinely revealed carryingout a Flamenco dance) and utilizes it to fuel her inspiration. She feels the clash inbetween her past and future yanking away within of her. For Mescal, he shows that his Oscar-nominated work in Aftersun (2022) was not a fluke. He provides Aidan a inflammation below a rough and jagged surfacearea. Aidan has a physical existence, where action takes precedence over words. He would rather reveal himself by striking a punching bag or by playing his guitar. The reality that he declines to beverage alcohol tips towards inner devils he is havingahardtime to include. Millepied supplements the acting with creative cinematic touches. When Aidan pictures sand filling the inside of his automobile, we can sense the things he did in the military calling out to him.


In his function length launching, Millepied displays a eager hand at producing atmosphere. His dance choreography, unsurprisingly, is wonderful at communicating the ideas and sensations of the characters. He’s so great at producing a particular ambiance, in truth, that the thematic components take a struck. There are plenty of subjects and problems touched upon, however neverever fleshed out. At veryfirst, we believe this to be an immigrant story focused around Carmen, however it doesn’t play out that method. Aidan’s effort to adjust to civilian life is presented however neverever actually goes anywhere. Is this a “Lover’s On the Run” tale? Kind of, however not truly. There are private minutes of appeal and the chemistry inbetween the leads sizzles. But as a entire, the movie doesn’t resonate as much as its private pieces. 

Even still, this is an excellent veryfirst time trip for Benjamin Millepied. He hasactually taken a traditional story and re-invented it from his own distinct pointofview. While it might leave some baffled, there’s no rejecting the ability put on screen. I’d be extremely interested in seeing where Millepied goes from here.


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