Movie Review – The Magician’s Elephant

Film Review – The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician's Elephant

The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician’s Elephant (2023) is an animated dream that runs by the numbers. It’s vibrant, brilliant, and has a strong main message about neverever providing up. Characters think that anything is possible if we push beyond our convenience zones. There’s absolutelynothing outright about the movie – it’s completely ideal for kids to delightin and findout a lesson or 2. But it plays things method too securely. It has such a conventional storybook quality that it doesn’t leave much of an impression. We wait for it to take off and endedupbeing alive, however it neverever does. It’s a magic technique we’ve seen a thousand times priorto – sure, the discussion is good, however the sense of wonder and marvel are not there.

Adapting the book by Kate DeCamillo, director Wendy Rogers and filmwriter Martin Hynes craft the narrative as a straight-forward tale. Peter (Noah Jupe) is a young lad living in the imaginary kingdom of Baltese. Baltese was assoonas a location of magic, however war left a remaining result – with the sky covered in continuous clouds. Peter is an orphan, raised by the old, kooky soldier Vilna (Mandy Patinkin). The youngboy has longed to reconnect with his previous, thinking that his moreyouthful sis might still be alive. Fate turns his method when a fortune teller (Natasia Demetriou) informs him that he can discover his brotherorsister’s location by following a wonderful elephant. And wouldn’t you understand it – that really night, a magician (Benedict Wong) conjures up an elephant by mishap!


Peter’s journey to discover the elephant and reunite with his sis make up the main narrative arc. We surmise this implies going on an legendary experience to lands far and broad, however remarkably, Peter neverever leaves Baltese. The elephant getsin the belongings of The King (Aasif Mandvi) who difficulties the kid to 3 difficult jobs to claim the animal. And that’s where we invest most of the runtime. The title is a bit deceptive. This isn’t truly about the magician or even the elephant, however of Peter’s perseverance to total the jobs and discover his sibling. He’s so adventurous that it’s nearly irritating. He repeats the expressions “I will discover my sibling!” and “It’s my fate!” that he’s generally a broken record.

The primary destination are the visuals, specifically the environments. The animation constructs Baltese as a pastel-colored fantasyland. Pinks and purples pervade almost every corner of the frame. The production takes components from European and Asian affects, producing a location that looks special. The main emphasize is the sky. The clouds appearance like somebody stuck giant eggs above the kingdom. When something incredible occurs, the clouds radiate in a lightshow of soft rainbow colors. There were circumstances where I wanted we might’ve sat back and take in more of the environments – to truly feel like this is a living, breathing location. During a chase series, Peter runs over cobble streets, around corners, over bridges, and through markets. Every time he passed something brand-new, part of me desired things to stop to take in all the eye sweet.

But alas, Peter has more crucial things to concern about than sightseeing. As he (with the fortune teller’s constant narrative) informs us, he has a sibling to discover. Fans of Herculean folklore will see minor parallels here, as Peter’s “Impossible Tasks” call to mind Hercules’ Twelve Labours. I’m not stating that Peter is Hercules in this example, however his obstacles do take on a legendary aura. As he works his method through each, Peter’s credibility amongst the individuals starts to grow. The concept of folk tales, legends, and stories of gallant heroes is a considerable part of The Magician’s Elephant. This is both a advantage and barrier.


While the narrative’s conventional method crystalizes the main message of neverever providing up and thinking in the difficult, it likewise makes the characters less fascinating. Peter is kind and thoughtful, however he’s likewise a blank slate. He exists simply to achieve his objectives and absolutelynothing more. In truth, it can be argued that the supporting characters are more interesting than the lead leadcharacter. Peter’s next door next-doorneighbors Leo and Gloria Matienne (Brian Tyree HenrySian Clifford) are offered more depth, even however they are controlled to merely being Peter’s assistance system. The most fascinating character is the craggy Vilna, who feels like a completely fleshed out individual. Sure, he might be raising Peter to be a soldier, and he might inform him that getting the elephant is a fool’s objective, however we can at least comprehend where he is coming from. The composing and instructions offer Vilna a dimensional background, which makes his arc more credible. He’s not simply a mean old so and so – he has a thinking for his methods and that draws our compassion.

The Magician’s Elephant does simply enough to not be horrible, however not enough to be fantastic. It sits in this uncomfortable middle ground where we can see the excellent things about it, however assoonas the credits roll it disappears from our memory. Movies wear’t have to shoot for the stars to be efficient, however there should be something (anything) to make it resonant. It’s not that this movie does anything incorrect – it’s that it doesn’t actually do much of anything at all.


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