Movie Review – Women Talking

Film Review – Women Talking

Women Talking

Women Talking

Trigger Warning – this movie offers with domestic abuse, rape, pedophilia, and incest.  Please take care if you desire to watch this movie or read any evaluations.

Sarah Polley (who will permanently be Ramona to my generation) has resurfaced as the director of Women Talking (2022).  The script by Polley and Miriam Toews is based on Toews’ book of the verysame name, which is likewise based on a real story.

The story revolves around a Mennonite nest in a time of chaos. The just sign of its time duration is a truck attempting to count individuals for the 2010 census.  Other than that circumstances, the duration would be tough to figureout duetothefactthat of the Mennonites’ method of life.  Like the title recommends, the movie does center on ladies of the neighborhood talking in a barn, although the scenarios surrounding their event are more major. 


The nest’s ladies are subservient to its guys and its faith.  Because of these guidelines, the females are taken benefit of in the best location possible, their own bedrooms.  They are drugged and raped by their own nest’s males and kids.  Their faith needs that they forgive these evil-doers, some of whom have not been determined and are not going to see any penalty.  As the story advances, we findout that the older ladies and the kids are not immune from these sinners.  The absence of responsibility brought forth by their religiousbeliefs’s leaders generates actions from the females. They are asked to forgive and relocation on with their lives regardlessof the consistent danger.

The movie is regularly told by a young female associated to Ona (Rooney Mara).  It provides the audience hope for an result and the shipment of Ona’s kid, developed with violent intents.  She offers the background on what occurred and the historical “vote” taken amongst the females.  They all had the opportunity to vote whether they do absolutelynothing, stay and battle, or leave.  Because the bulk of the females might not checkout, the options were photos, and votes were Xs on the verysame paper.  Because the votes were a tie inbetween stay and battle and leave, a sort of committee satisfies to choose for the nest, all without the guys’s understanding, otherthan for one, the school instructor, August (Ben Whishaw), who is charged with taking the minutes.

There is no lead starlet or primary character as they all played as much value to the story as the next.  It’s been a while because seeing such a movie.  It offers the characters a possibility and the area to state what they are feeling, whether it is anger, bitterness, approval, or forgiveness.  They each had an encounter with violence, and not all came out the verysame at its end.  What I valued from this movie is the development of this severe conversation, knowing about each lady’s experience, and the ladies speaking their minds, something frowned upon in this closed culture.


The injury knowledgeable by each female is revealed in short flashbacks, insomecases the verysame scene several times.  The scenes are all in soft tones, rather of a greyscale.  The actions are in vibrant color, specifically Salome’s (Claire Foy) vengeance, clawing and shrieking as she is pulled away from one male we do not see on videocamera.  The conversation in the barn is rather grey due to the setting.  However, the kids playing in the field exterior are in dazzling color with warm sunshine basking throughout their dealswith as they play in the green field, unknowing of what is going on or the violence that lives in their nest, otherthan for one kid, Miep (Emily Mitchell), Salome’s child.

Something unique does happen in this rather depressing movie.  Ona is pregnant as a outcome of her rape; August is interminably in love with Ona in a sweet method.  We findout that August’s household was asked to leave the nest years ago duetothefactthat of his mom’s radical thinking.  August returned with an education and continued to love Ona.  It is one of the sweetest and most capitivating relationships, one that forgives expected sins and accepts love.  While they are not in a relationship, August attempts to love Ona from afar, and the love inbetween them is understood to all.  Ona is one of the most Christ-like characters in the movie.  August is prepared to wed and raise Ona’s child, however Ona thinks he shouldhave muchbetter and that he needsto inform the kids of the neighborhood as it might stop this widespread abuse.

If there was ever a movie that focusedon showcasing the quality of starlets (young and older), it is Women Talking.  The starlets fed off each other, whether to peaceful anger or consider what God would believe of their undertakings.  While the facility of ladies talking in a barn (that’s an severe generalization) might not appeal to everybody, it is a severe(ly) great movie that equates power from the apparently meek and loyal females of this neighborhood to a higher great, safeguarding their lives, those of their next-doorneighbors, their kids, and their future.


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